Cassette Awnings

A cassette awning is an ideal way to create a shaded area on a patio or terrace or to cover shop windows. An awning is a solar shading solution which will prevent the sun from hitting a window and hence keeping the room cooler. An awnings is a more effective shading solution for a room than internal blinds as it stops the suns rays from hitting the glass.

These awnings are very neat as all of the mechanism and cloth are enclosed within the powder coated cassette. They will be fitted against the building and are relatively unobtrusive.

A cassette awning can be operated manually using a crank handle or electrically using a hand-held remote control. For electrically operated awnings we will always supply a wind sensor which will automatically retract the awning should the wind pressure exceed tolerances.

Due to the design of a cassette awning there is a practical restriction on the maximum width and projection. It is normally accepted that the maximum width would be 7m and projection 3.5m although there are specific products which can go slightly larger than this.

Be aware that awnings are very heavy and will be fixed using brackets to your wall. This means that it is difficult to fit to modern extensions with lightweight construction.


  • Width up to 7m, projection up to 4m
  • Aluminium cassette with choice of standard powder coating colours
  • Standard acrylic fabric colour choices
  • Manual operation with removable crank handle
  • Electric operation with hand-held remote control (wind sensor mandatory)


  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Non-standard fabric colours and materials
  • Solar sensor for automatic operation
  • Available for self-installation