Flat Roof System | Loose Fabric

Loose fabric flat roof systems are the designed to cover smaller areas with a roof that will pull back to leave an open space.  These lightweight structures can project up to 6m with a maximum width of 4m.

These loose fabric structures are designed to be free-standing or mounted to a building at the rear with the overall height less than 3m.

These light-weight domestic units are manually operated with a rod to manoeuvre the roof open and closed.

As the roof is loose and not tensioned, rainwater will run off to the edges dropping to the floor. The rainwater cannot be managed.


  • Projection up to 5m (depending on structure)
  • Width up to 4m
  • Lightweight aluminium framework with choice of standard powder coat colours
  • Waterproof roof fabrics in a choice of standard colours
  • Manually roof operation
  • Free standing or wall-mounted installation


  • Vertical roller walls to enclose apertures
  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Non-standard roof fabrics and colours