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Welcome to Outside Structure Solutions and Covered Outdoor Solutions. We are specialists in the supply and installation of canopies and outside structures. Our shade and shelter canopies are available in a variety of designs with many choices including fixed or retractable roof, aluminium or timber frame as well as more traditional awnings and shop canopies.

In addition to our canopy range we are able to offer the new range of Barrel Saunas and Glamping Cabins which are built for us in Latvia. Featuring high quality timber, triple glazing and more they are suitable a fantastic addition to a campsite and can even be used as a garden office, home studio and more.

We have an extensive range of canopies to suit most applications. Please view our products to explore our full range.

Schools & Colleges (School Canopies)

Outside Structure Solutions are specialists in the supply and installation of school canopies and college canopies. We understand the complex requirements and are able to design a school canopy to suit your needs – whether it is to promote the free flow of play from the school classroom or to have an informal teaching area, we can help make your dreams a reality. Our school canopies and college canopies are designed to fit your requirements and your buildings.

Free-Standing Canopies

Our free-standing canopies offer simple installation as we require no buildings to attach the structure to, and this can be especially important with historic or listed buildings. These canopies include retractable canopies which come with Continental flair.

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Doorway and Walkway Canopies

Doorway and walkway canopies combine both of the above to create both functional and stylish structures. They can be used not only to keep you and your customers and clients dry but also can be a valuable advertising space with our header boards.

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Retractable Roller Wall

All of these canopies can have vertical roller walls fitted to the apertures to create outside rooms, act as wind breaks or even even to provide advertising space.

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Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs (Restaurant Canopies)

Hotels, restaurants and pubs are able to use our canopies to create an outside area to give their customers a great dining experience. The veranda will no longer be the overspill area that people dislike and will quickly become the focal point of the establishment. You will be able to benefit from the views and additional space to provide an exclusive area which can be used for weddings, parties and additional dining space, as well as creating exclusive “pods” with the Bioclimatic or Dolce Vita.

Lean-To Canopies

Lean-to canopies can offer maximum coverage for the lowest outlay whilst still offering top quality and strength. The Lean-to canopies will have a fixed frame with either polycarbonate or  retractable roofs. These canopies are the simplest to install but look great.

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Timber structures

If you require a garden structure or just something that will look good in the grounds, these are the canopies for you. Using high quality timber with tensile membrane PVC roofs these are a great addition to any area. The Redwood Garden Gazebos can be delivered “flat-packed” for DIY installation.

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Post Protection

Added to all of this, we can provide padding protection to the legs of any canopy, building column, fence posts or even a netball post! Please get in touch with your requirements.

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    Our Commitment

    Each customer and each location is different, which is why we like to visit our customers in person to discuss your individual requirements with you.  By listening to our customers’ requirements and needs and by assessing the location, we are able to suggest available options and possibilities and ensure that we offer the very best service possible.

    Our specialist installation teams are very experienced in the installation of a vast array of shade and shelter canopies. We will work with you to ensure that the project provides you with the area that you have always wanted.

    But that is only part of the story…………..


    Hotel Canopies, Restaurant Canopies, Pub Canopies, School Canopies, Early Years Canopies, Pre School Canopies, Nursery Canopies, Garden Canopies, Wedding Canopies, Bar Canopies, Golf Club Canopies, Terrace Canopies, Patio Canopies

    But that is still only part of the story…………..


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    Our Services

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    Site Survey

    As canopy specialists, we carry out a site survey to ensure that our bespoke canopies will fit first time. As part of this service we will plot the area accurately using both laser measuring and traditional tape measures. Windows, doors and anything else that could affect the installation will be taken into account including gutters, drains and building projections.

    All this information is then used to design a structure that fits your area properly ensuring that you can use it as soon as we have left.

    Project Design & Management

    Following our site survey we will design a structure that suits both your requirements and also your area. We use photos that we have taken to make sure that the canopy fits and it also helps us to spot any potential issues before they cause a problem. If required we will give you a range of canopy sizes and style options.

    Once you are happy with the design it will be put into production.

    From the initial site survey to installation you will deal with just one person. If you have any queries just call or email us and we will be able to help.

    Once installation has been arranged we will agree times and dates with you and you will be given details of your installation team leader who will be your on-site contact for the duration of their time on site.

    Building Control Application

    For any fixed structure in excess of 30m2 it is a requirement to have Building Control approval. Whilst a scary sounding proposition we deal with this so you don’t have to. We have a partnership with the National House-Building Council who provide a plan-checking and inspection service. As part of this any application is checked in the office to make sure that the foundations are of suitable size as well as checking the drainage plan. All the generic structural calculations have already been agreed and we have a set of foundation calculations that will ensure compliance for any structure in England and Wales.

    As part of the inspection service there will be two site inspections. The first will check the size and placement of the footings before concrete is poured. The second is carried out once the installation is complete to confirm that we have installed the canopy to the correct specification. At this point a certificate of compliance will be issued.

    Planning Application

    For households a simple set of guidelines are in place for you to check if planning permission is required. For business and school premises the rules are less simple. For this reason we recommend that it is checked with the relevant authority to see if permission is required. If it is, we are happy to complete the application on your behalf. We will fill out all the forms, provide drawings and Design Access Statements as well as provide maps that are compliant with the planning authority stipulations. There are charges for any application and maps and we will pass these costs on to you.

    Please note that although most authorities quote 8 weeks to arrive at a decision, this is not guaranteed and an application may take substantially longer.


    As part of our service we will install your canopy in the agreed position. We will ensure that we ‘make good’ the footings leaving the area neat and tidy. We generally install footings a couple of days before the main canopy and will leave the area safe and tidy whilst we are off site. We will then return and install the canopy to our agreed specification. Any drainage will be completed and if required the canopy will be sealed to the building.

    We will ask you to sign that you are happy with the work and we always like to take some photos as we are proud of every job we complete.

    As part of our service we will be in contact a week after installation to make sure you are happy with everything we have done for you.

    Our Products