Dutch Awnings

Dutch or shop awnings are an elegant way to provide shade for a window whilst also adding colour and shape to the building.

These are the simplest awnings that we supply but also the smallest. The maximum length for a Dutch awning is 6m and the height/projection (these dimensions are the same) is up to 1500mm – please be aware that awnings with a larger projection will require the fixings to be much higher on the building.

The Dutch awnings will have locating hooks to be fixed to the wall as well as a pair of retaining fastenings at the bottom. All our Dutch awnings have a cord mechanism to open and close them (although most people prefer to leave them open all the time).

There is a choice of standard Acrylic colours for the fabric which will include solid colours as well as stripes.

For commercial applications we can offer a full signwriting service


  • Width up to 6m, projection/height up to 1.5m
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Standard acrylic fabric colour choices
  • Manual pull-cord operation


  • Signwriting to any part of the fabric
  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Non-standard fabric colours and materials
  • Optional valance type
  • Available for self-installation