Bioclimatic Structures

A bioclimatic structure features a rotating louvered roof system which can open to a variety of different angles. When fully closed the roof is waterproof, once opened they promote a gentle breeze as well as creating shade depending on the opening angle.

The bioclimatic structure can project up to 7.5m with a maximum width of 5m dependent on which structure is used. For smaller garden installations a light-weight frame can be used for structures up to 6m projection and 4m width.

The frame and the blades are powder coated aluminium with an electrically operated roof system using a hand held remote control.

Bioclimatic structures are designed to be free-standing or mounted to a building on one side and their maximum height is less than 3m.

The blades of the roof are specially designed to move rainwater to the sides and into the gutter system. The rainwater will discharge down the legs to the ground.


  • Projection up to 6.7m (four legs) or 7.5m (six legs) – dependent on structure
  • Width up to 6m – dependent on structure
  • Aluminium framework with choice of standard powder coat colours
  • Waterproof interlocking aluminium roof blades in a choice of standard colours
  • Electric roof operation
  • Free standing or wall-mounted installation
  • Structures can be linked


  • Roof mounted LED lighting
  • Gutter mounted LED lighting
  • Vertical roller walls to enclose front or side
  • Glass sliding walls to enclose front or side
  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Roof automation systems