Roller Walls

Our retractable roller walls are designed to allow you to enclose an area to reduce the ingress of wind and rain. They can be fitted to any of our structures and/or retro-fitted to an existing garden structure, covered walkway or entertaining area.

The roller walls feature permanently installed side guides which retain the edges of the cloth to provide optimum strength as well as minimising movement. The side guides also support the upper roller cassette into which the walls retract.

Fabric wall has a weighted bottom bar with integrated magnetic locks giving a smoother motion and a sturdy fixing point, reducing play in light winds.

The walls can be operated manually using a removable crank handle or electrically with a hand-held remote control.

Choice of standard powder coat colours.

Standard fabric is clear Cristal, but alternative solid colour fabrics and mesh screens available.


  • Width up to 4.8m, height up to 4m
  • Aluminium frame with choice of standard powder coating colours
  • Standard clear Cristal fabric
  • Manual operation with removable crank handle (up to 4m width)
  • Electric operation with hand-held remote control (mandatory over 4m width)


  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Non-standard fabric colours and mesh screens
  • Banner window can be fitted into solid colour fabrics
  • Available for self-installation